180 Multifamily Capital is a Dallas/Fort Worth based company that invests in value add and stabilized assets throughout TX markets and the midwest.

Investing in distressed assets that have been mismanaged, run down, and neglected, we will invest time and capital to provide a comfortable and secure home for our residents. Our strategy is set up to create long term resident which in turn leads stable cash flowing assets. 

When purchasing properties that have already been stabilized, our goal to continue the success of the asset, and to make improvements during the hold period of that asset.  

Starting with identifying multifamily assets to purchase, John and Lance, handle all aspects from acquisitions, management, and achieving the assets financial goals.  Our goal is to grow at the right pace. We are not always the biggest player on the block but we will be the strongest. 



  • Underperforming, distressed, and stablized multifamily investments
  • Located in the TX markets and midwest
  • 150+ units in well located submarkets
  • Class A/B/C properties with opportunity for value creation through both asset and management improvements
  • Brokers protected



All fundamentals show that investing in multifamily investments can offer the highest returns with some of the lowest risks in all of commercial real estate.  The one thing that is for certain in this world is that people and their families need a place to live.  Our goal is to provide quality living at reasonable costs.  By doing so, we achieve the highest occupancies in the market and more importantly, a greater tenant retention.  

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